Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Te Amo Mucho!

 Jhon eating sugar cane we found at the local grocery store, they had fields of this in Colombia and he was thrilled to be enjoying this here in the states!
 Spending some time with our friends, the Allens
 "This is what I do when Mom is talking to Tio Justin on the phone"

 Bible drills!  A new Matthews family game
 Estefania is 10!  Bowling Party

 Snowmobiling for the first time with the Ulmers!

 Prospero's first time snowboarding and he made it half way down the hill at age 5!  Look out Shawn White!
 Estefania had a backwards birthday party and had her first friend party!
 A trip to Chicago for my sister's baby shower and send off as they move to South Africa!

Highlights for the first time from Tia Erin, red! Derly loves them!

 Winter has been rather mild compared to where we came from we are ok with that!  We have had more snow days and late starts then what I am used to because we have many mountains in this area.  We enjoyed a great trip to Chicago to see family and celebrate a baby shower for Tia Meg.  Derly, Estefania, Prospero and I were able to go for the weekend.  It was a blessing seeing family and spending time together.  Estefania turned 10!  We are very blessed by our daughter and love seeing her grow into a young lady!

Jim enjoyed a pastor conference in Chicago in January.  Derly started soccer and Jhon is in basketball this winter.  Ryan asked me the other day if we could adopt more children, specifically siblings of his.  I said we can pray about it and he was very excited to hear that.  Jim and I talked, prayed and then wrote a letter to Children's Hope International to send to Colombia requesting if any siblings become available for adoption to notify us.  We did this back in 2011 and a year later we were welcoming Jhon into our lives.  Jim and I always felt like 7 kids was our number, so we are excited to see where this may lead as we wait for God's timing.  Pray with us as we seek His will for our family and for our future children, wherever they may be.