Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

As Christmas day winds down here in Pennsylvania, I feel very grateful and blessed.  We have had a wonderful Christmas this year!  We had a beautiful candlelight service; we love Christ Church and we are proud to call Beaver Springs our home.  We feel very welcomed and appreciated.  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve party at our home with our church family and friends.  As we celebrate Christ's birth I am thankful to Him for providing for our family and giving us life's blessings.  To God be the glory.  Forever and Ever, Amen.

 Jhon picked out the tree this year!

 This is our faith tree, as Derly calls it, we also have a family tree with color lights.
 My handsome boys helping pass out candles at Christmas Eve Service.

 Jhon trying out Derly's manicure set
 Tia Meg and Tio Alex came in town for a visit

 Jhon is 13.5 years old and he will very soon pass me in height!

 We were blessed with a visit from family before Christmas this year.
 Getting ready for Christmas Eve Party!

 Firework tradition continues in PA!  We have to represent Colombia this time of year by setting off fireworks on Christmas! 
 Check out all the smoke from the fireworks.  It was 50 degrees out that day.

 Here is one of Jhon and Ryan at the tree farm
 Christmas Morning

Grandma Matthews joined us for Christmas Dinner.