Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall is here: crisp weather, back to school, soccer games

Fall is here and I couldn't be more excited about the changing weather, it is my favorite time of year.  I love the cool, crisp air, the changing leaves, sweatshirts, campfires, and apple orchards.  School is in full swing and I could not be prouder of my kids attitudes and hard work.  School is a challenge for all of them even though they have been with us for nearly 4 years, (Jhon 2 years).  To learn a new language and be fluent in your new language you need 7-10 years in the culture.  So, our kids will sometimes still think Spanish and if a teacher is talking too fast they might not understand fully and things get lost in translation.  I am so thankful Jhon speaks up when he doesn't understand.  Middle school is challenging enough to add not understanding your teacher, tests, or assignments adds to the stress level.  The teachers have been great in communicating with us and we are thankful for a great start to the year.

We had the honor and privilege of dedicating Jhon to the Lord at Christ Church on September 14.  We dedicated the 4 in 2011 and knew we wanted to dedicate Jhon in our new home church where we would be for a long time and our church body would also commit to help raising him in a loving, nurturing, God centered environment.  We were blessed that my parents drove in from KY as well to join in the celebration.  That same day Jim also preformed a wedding and had the vespers service at the Beaver Fair.  With the help of the Lord, he had strength for the days activities.  We also had cardboard testimonies at church that sunday in which a person writes on a cardboard what their life was like before God and what it is like after they encountered God.  Jhon and Derly both wanted to participate.  (see pics below).  I was amazed Derly wanted to do it, as she is very shy and this is not in her comfort zone at all!  Jhon and Derly decided on what they wanted their cardboards to say.  It was very moving to watch and I am very proud of them for opening up their hearts to the church.

All 3 boys started soccer this fall.  They love playing and I love watching them.  Jim is more vocal than I am, I love watching my sons play and don't really care what else is happening on the field.  They all like forward and get so excited when they score goals.  The only challenge is figuring out practice and games.  They all have saturday games, sometimes at the same time and different locations.  So, we do our best. The girls have started loving the sport as well.  They will probably play in the Spring.

I will be flying to KY in a week to be with my mom as she has her knee replaced, prayers for quick healing for her and patience for Jim as he is with the kids for several days flying solo.  Enjoy some pics from this Summer and Fall.

 Thanks to Jhon, the kids finally got their tire swing!
 After a huge storm we had some flooding, so we decided to play in it :)

 Their first knack ride, (not in relation to the flooding)

 Praise God our tomato garden was a success!
 First day of school in his soccer uniform

 A friend of ours joining in to watch the soccer game

 Even though Starbucks in 30min away, we still manage to make it there for our frappachinos
 Sitting by the campfire, and Yes, that is Whiskers in the stroller 

 In the Sunday School room at church

 Early Christmas with Grandparents!

 Preacher Man
 My dad made this and we all measured ourselves for this year.  Jhon will prob be taller than me by next year :(
 Our front porch, enjoying the fall and corn stalks from the Harvey's

 A new experience for us in the Amish community.

 Jhon's Dedication