Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Already!

 Jhon is excited about 6th grade and being in middle school.  I am proud of him and so thankful for his positive attitude. 
 Derly is ready to be the top grade in her school.
 Estefania was most excited this morning!
Ryan looks forward to playing soccer this fall the most!

The Matthews kids are ready and excited for school this fall.  Some tears the night before (and not just the kids) but overall excitement the day of.  Prospero is more than ready for his Mami and me time.  A day planned with running errands, (target and starbucks is on that list for sure).  I emailed Jhon's teachers (9 of them) prior to school so they would have a little background and insight.  I only heard back from 1 teacher.  Back to school night was last night and we made sure to make the rounds to all his teachers.  Pray for a good year for Jhon would be great, I am most nervous for him and that they would expect him to do the same work as his peers, when he has only been in the USA for 2 years.  Thankfully his language arts teacher seems really nice and understands that even though his verbal skills are excellent, it does take time to catch up on the reading and writing.  He could not get his locker open either, nor could myself, Jim, and 3 other adults who tried.  So, they have to change his lock combo.  When you are already anxious about school and not have your locker the first day doesnt help the situation.  Again, so blessed that Jhon is very easy going and outgoing, so he didnt seem too nervous this morning.  We are waiting to hear about Prospero's preschool.  They had a teacher and now they don't and are interviewing.  Prospero has had 2 years of preschool already and I may just consider keeping him at home this year, working on our own lessons.  (Hmmmmm, where do I get these crazy ideas from, Mom R??)  A lot of people ask me what I am going to do with all my time now:  (in no particular order) I plan to get caught up on housework, I usually do 2 loads of laundry a day, spend time with my youngest child who has had to share me all summer more than he normally does, prepare for giving my testimony at Girlfriends group in early September, hit the gym, help Mom M get settled into her new home, read a book (or 2), connect with other stay at home moms, have date days with my husband, reflect on the goodness of God and nurture that relationship as it is the most important one you have......the list can go on and on, I don't think I'll run out of things to do for awhile.  Overall, we had a great summer, are enjoying our new home in PA tremendously, ready for what fall will bring. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Birthdays and Baltimore

 Prospero is now 5!  Here he is eating a bucket of sand cake, (pudding and vanilla wafers yum)
 July 22
 Jhon sumo wrestling at the end of VBS and Sun Blast with Christ Church
 One Ryan's birthday presents
 Ryan is now 8! (Aug 2nd)

 Trip to Baltimore and DC for mini-vacation.  Prospero loved the pirate ship and kept yelling out "Arrrrgh"
 Candy Store with HUGE versions of originals
 Cooling off at a splash pad

 Found a Colombian restaurant outside of DC

 Outside of White House, Jhon said he was going to knock on the door and say we are here for the sleep over.
 Super Hero Protecting the Universe
 Washington Monument Selfie!

 The reflecting pool!
 Lincoln Memorial
 A stroll next to the reflecting pool
On the way home a visit to Hershey, PA
 So proud of Jim and his new position as Senior Pastor.  Jim's birthday is on Friday!
 Derly and Jhon spent their first week away at sleep over summer camp this year at Camp Orchard Hills in Dallas, PA.  They did great and were so thankful for all the letters they received!  They said they were the ones at camp who had the most letters, so thank you to those who wrote and made them feel special!

 Estefania and Ryan got take swim lessons this summer at McClure Pool.  Freezing but they loved it!
 Double rainbow after our home was hit by lightening!  Thankfully we were all just startled by ok, we did blow a fuse which blew our TV, but that was the worse of it.  I am not a fan of lightening as once my umbrella was hit by a bolt in 2001. 
 Our new kitty, Winky, who did not stay with us very long and we havent seen her since. 
 A day at Knoebels Theme park, The above crew loved it, the picture below shows how Derly and Prospero did not care for this ride!