Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Pictures

Picture Blog :)  We are loving our new home, town, and church in PA!  Kids are very happy and I am loving not working at the time being.  I am very proud of Jim and his new role as Senior Pastor.  We are feeling like this is home and look forward to, Lord willing, many many years here.  Summer is flying by, kids start school Aug 20. We have 3 Bdays around the corner (Prospero, Ryan, and Jim).  A fun and busy time for the Matthews.  Our tomatoes are starting to grow and the kids love fresh fruits and vegetables which is awesome!  Prospero will eat a tomato like an apple if he could.

Ryan at Tall Timbers 

 Estefania's new hair-do, thanks to my sis I can cut hair sometimes :)

Tall Timbers 

Ryan's catch, first time fishing 

Sports at the MACC 

Our 2nd new kitty, Winky (Whisker's sister) 

Meet Whiskers, our new Kitty! Jim is thrilled, at least he is outdoors! 

Jhon loves mowing our lawn 

It was fun while it lasted, World Cup 2014 

 Father's Day

Prospero loves to help 

Derly started gymnastics and loves it 

Little Rascal 

Our Connecticut friends in town!  Check out those cute Colombian-American's!

Estefania's photo shoot before she cut her hair.