Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to School!

                                                                 Estefania 3rd Grade!

 Ryan 1st Grade!

Derly 4th Grade!
                                                         Prospero 2nd year of Preschool!

                                                                      Jhon 5th Grade!

We survived our first week of school this last week!  All the kiddos did great and are still excited for this school year.  Estefania is excited to start dance next week, Derly will start swimming lessons in a couple of weeks! 

        This pic was the trial bus run the week before school started, they could hardly stay awake at       8:00am.  Ryan even laid down while waiting for the bus!

                                                  Prospero and Dad trying out his new bike

Ryan's 7th Birthday was in August!!! We went to Waterpark Of America, next to Mall of America.  He had a blast swimming and trying surfing/body boarding.  I am always so amazed how brave these kids are.  Jhon and Estefania were in KY with Grandma and Grandpa for a week, they had such a blast!  We are so thankful that even though family are far away we can still have vacations and connect with them. 

 We also enjoyed a trip to Chicago and had a chance to visit Grace College where Jim and I met 15 years ago!!! The kids loved seeing where we met and hearing the stories of where our love story began. 


                                          Time with cousins!!!

                                         The 10 year olds.