Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Youth Workers Retreat

We just returned from a weekend away at Camp Shamineau in Motley, MN.  This was our third year at the Youth Pastor's and family retreat here.  What an amazing time we had.  Jhon enjoyed his first time there.  One year ago during camp we learned that we that we would meet Jhon on June 5th, 2012.  I remembered I felt elated to finally have a date we were going to meet our son.  I also remember being so sad and in tears over missing his 11th birthday (May 30th) and Jhon having to spend his birthday in foster care.  The other youth pastors and wives prayed over us and it was such an encouragement. Now, what a celebration to have Jhon with us on this time.  The kids enjoyed horseback rides, campfires, zip line, wagon ride, and a nature center with animals.  I love the time our family gets to bond and the time Jim and I get learning about loving God in our lives, marriage, and parenting.  My favorite part of the trip was watching all 5 kids go on a zip line.  They had to be harnessed in with helmets and off the went, flying fast and 25ft in the air.  Even 3yo Prospero went.  They were all so brave.  Jhon, Ryan, and Prospero even went upside down.  Update: Jesus is now requesting to be called Ryan (his middle name). 

 Playing Hockey in the Gym, Go Momo

Campfire Donuts, delicioso!

 Los Hombres
 Estefania was the first one to go on the zip line!  She loved it and was fearless.
 Jhon being superman
 Ryan getting ready

 Even Prospero went on it!  This kid is fearless and hardly has a fearful bone is his body.
 Derly's Turn
 This is Ryan hanging upside down on his turn, (on purpose!)
 Prospero's second run he wanted to go upside down as well.