Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Estefania is 8!

 What eating pudding turns into at our house nearly every time!
 Dad and Prospero at Chuck E Cheese
 Birthday Girl winning a ton of tickets
 Estefania with Mami
 Happy 8th Birthday!
 Ticket Blaster

 After the ticket blaster

Estefania enjoyed a wonderful 8th birthday, she picked Chuck-A-Cheese as the location of her birthday celebration.  She had a great day, thanks to all the bday wishes and gifts she received.  The kids are getting a little cabin fever and we are trying to keep them active with swimming and rock climbing, Jhon started indoor soccer once a week, they practice skills and play in a school gym.  Derly is trying out gymnastics twice a month at open gym and she is enjoying that as well.  Estefania has been having some back pain in the last several month.  She has had xr, blood work, ultrasound and in about 10 days an MRI.  The MRI is going to be about 2hrs long, so sedation is highly recommended.  So prayers for good results and successful imaging would be great.