Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Already One Month Home!

     We had our one month anniversary today!  This month has flown by and we have enjoyed our time as a family.  I am still getting use to the amount of laundry that needs to be done (at least one load on a daily basis).  I am so thankful to all the friends and family who have donated clothes to our family.  As many of you know how expensive clothes and shoes can be, what a blessing it has been to have plenty of clothes and shoes for the kids.  I am also getting use to the amount of food needed to feed our family (we go through 10 gallons of milk a week).  I am so thankful to all who have provided meals for our family this last month!  What a blessing to be able to focus on our family bonding time and not about what was for dinner that night. 
     Today Prospero hit his head on a bookshelf and had his first open cut to the head, thankfully it scabbed pretty quick and he did not need staples.  Of course, head injuries = a lot of blood, Prospero had some on his hands, he looked down at his hands, then looked up at me and said through his tears "Am I broken?"  I said, "No, of course not, just a little owie."  I love some of the things kids say! 
    The kids had a lemonade stand today, they did it all themselves, and made $10 in just a couple of hrs, not too bad.  I am loving my daily flower bouquets of dandelions.  Prospero and Jesus are so sweet and I treasure each time they bring me flowers.  Can't this last forever?  In the midst of craziness that 5 high energy kids bring, I am thankful for these little moments throughout the day where love is shared and shown in its own special way and we can take the time to stop and smell the roses (or dandelions). 
     Our family was nominated by Michelle Bachmann for Angels in Adoption, which is a program sponsored by CCAI (an adoption coalition) to help raise awareness in adoption and foster care.  We have invited to come to Washington DC in September to the Angels in Adoption Galla.  What a blessing to our family.  We do not think we have the funds to attend, but we will see what will come this next month to make it happen for maybe some of us to go.  It was an honor to be nominated and to hear that other people are following our journey.  Our prayer is that through our journey, other children may also find a forever home.  I have also been asked to speak at an event in October for Hope Blooms in relation to adoption and our experience.  What a blessing both of these opportunities are!  This next week brings Jesus' 6th birthday and soccer tryouts for Jhon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Prospero is 3!

After a week of battling illness the Matthews' family is on the mend and had a wonderful day celebrating Prospero's 3rd birthday yesterday!  I am so amazed at how much he has grown and his language skills the 4 weeks we were in Colombia.  We have been blessed with a sweet, caring boy who loves his siblings, his family and God.  Jim and I enjoyed a visit to DQ with Prospero.  It is our family tradition to take the birthday kid on a outing with just mom and dad on their birthday.  At breakfast we enjoyed pancakes made by Papi.  The boys were soon covered in powered sugar and pancakes (See pics below).  Prospero decided to use the syrup instead of powdered sugar.  Fun for all!  What a blessing to watch Jhon as he was the one who started it all.  As a parent, I have learned the importance of retracing steps that they would have possibly missed in early childhood development.  So, while some may consider this as absurd or they would never allow this to go on in their house, to me it was music to my ears, blessing to my soul, and comfort for my heart.  The older 3 are in summer school this week.  Jhon is in an ELL program and he was dressed with backpack on at 715a (school starts at 830).  When I dropped him off he was very excited, unfortunately he was the only kid in his class.  I am nervous for him and hope it goes well.  I know he will do great but was really hoping for an opportunity for him to meet other Latino kids who can communicate with him.  We cannot believe we have been home for 3 weeks already and look forward to our last week off as Jim returns to work next week.  Jhon finished strong at soccer camp and even got up in front of 90+ kids and sang a song in Spanish.  My son is fearless.  He won some award as well but said he wasn't sure for what.  He really enjoyed it and we will see what is to come in the fall or spring for him and futbol.

 Jhon in soccer camp
 The sad part is, that was totally my doing, I can't even blame it on him, just grabbed shoes and ran out the door and these are the 2 I grabbed.
 Jesus showing off his soccer skills
 Prospero loving the camera

 Prospero loves jumping! (from anywhere and anything)
 Check out those guns, Jesus wants to try soccer or gymnastics this fall

 Enjoying the sprinkler while watching their brother play soccer

 Prospero's Birthday Breakfast

 Derly started it by putting sugar on her face

Thursday, July 19, 2012

After a great 2 weeks of family time our family was hit hard by germs, infection, and dehydration.  4 straight days of doctor visits is even too much for this seasoned nurse.  Prospero and Jhon are continuing on their antibiotics to treat strep and bronchitis.  They are finally on the mend and returning to their high energy, bubbly selves.  The very next day after we had the boys in, the other 3 kiddos all had sore throats, myself included.  And after a 3 hr urgent care visit: Thank goodness negative strep tests for us.  Jesus was still running 101-102 temps on Sunday and Monday which brings us to MD visit #2 for him.  Poor guy has a very bad ear infection and he is now on a higher dose of antibiotics than his 11 year old brother.  To top it all off: Jhon was feeling better and really wanted to play soccer on monday (95 degree heat for 3hrs).  Well, that combined with little to no water intake equals dehydration, vomiting and ER visit for him.  1 bag of IV fluids and some Zofran later, with rest and fluids, Jhon has improved drastically and only missed one day of soccer this week because of it.  Lesson learned, (I hope/pray).  We had a break on Wed from the MD office/urgent care/ER and then decided we would return today for Jhon's first well child visit.  Appt went well, started getting caught up on immunizations already.  He is a trooper and handles shots like no other kid I have seen and that says a lot given my line of work.  As I look back on this crazy week, I am thankful we have the medical care that we do and the wisdom of good physicians.  I am thankful for Jim being home during this time, as not only is it crucial for our family and bonding, it is also wonderful watching him with our kids and his support and help bringing kids to and from school, soccer and dentist visits. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer in Full Swing

 The kids waiting patiently to get in the pool at MCC.  They love swimming and have done such a wonderful job this summer learning how to swim.
 Rock Climbing at MCC, Estefania, Derly, Jesus and Jhon can all make it to the top! 
 Estefania loves posing for the camera, even in the midst of climbing.
 Prospero taking a shot at it, so proud of my little boy, so cute to watch him, he gets pretty far for being only 2.
 Go Girls!

 Prospero holding his own against a teenager

 Jesus ringing the bell at the top.
 Jhon climbing his way to the top.

 Birthday Gifts from Abuelo and Abuela
 Gaseosa, Jhon was on elated for this gift!
 Prospero's Turn, he turns 3 in just over 1 week.

 Jesus with his starwars trouble game, couldn't be more happy!
Jhon and Abuelo, New socks and shin guards, all ready for camp next week.

We have enjoyed our first 2 weeks at home tremendously!  What a blessing to be home and bond as a family.  We have loved the time we have had together this past 2 weeks.  The kids miss Abuelo and Abuela and look forward to a visit in October.  The girls on in full swing at summer school and enjoying the classes they are in.  Today I had Jhon and Prospero in for a doctors appt as they both weren't feeling well.  Prospero was up a lot last night with cough and fever: Bronchitis, so we are giving him nebs, steroids, and antibiotics.  Jhon started with a sore throat last night, fever today: Strep Throat.  So antibiotics for him as well.  Prayers that Jhon is feeling better by Monday, he starts soccer camp (from 9a-12p) and he is so excited to participate.  Prayers that the other kids don't get sick either.  At least Jim and I are both able to be home to help care for our little sick ones.  It is a good time to show Jhon we are here for him and will take care of him when he isn't feeling well.  He got Popsicles and Sprite to help soothe his throat, which he couldn't have been more excited.  I remember the first year with the four was really hard on their little bodies as they have never been exposed to these germs.  So we anticipate the same until his body is able to get immune to our bugs in MN.  Thank the Lord for good insurance to help with the medical bills that add up with 5 kids.  We look forward to spending more time together the next several weeks.  Thank you for all who are still bringing meals, it is helping us a lot and we really appreciate your generosity.