Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Friday, June 29, 2012

Home is just around the corner!

At 11a today Jim picked up Jhon's visa and we are set to travel on Sunday!  Praise God we did not have to change our flights and we are able to come home on Sunday!  We celebrated with our Connecticut friends by going out to dinner tonight, at a TGI Fridays next to the mall, the food was great.  Tomorrow is our last day in Colombia and when we arrive home it will have been 4 weeks since we first arrived here.  I cannot believe this time has come, so much emotion built up inside of me.  I told my mom that I probably won't be able to control my emotions once we land.  Thank you all for your prayers and support to our family.  There are those moments in life when you have so much excitement inside of you it is hard to describe: when you fall in love, your wedding day, the day you meet your child for the first time, and the day you get to see your kids who you have been away from for a month.  My heart is bursting with love and excitement and I want to scream from every mountain top, "We are coming home, you will be with your brother again!" I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling, being away for one month was hard enough for us, imagine 3 years of not seeing your brother.  Derly, Estefania, Jesus, Prospero: I know this has been quite the journey for you all, you are all very precious and special children!  We are coming home and I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again.  Thank you for your love, patience, and understanding during this journey to bring Jhon home.  Our family has been blessed by God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Creator of each one of you. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Almost Ready....

We had a great day today, things are moving along well and we have our Visa pick-up tomorrow for Jhon at 11a.  Thanks for your prayers!  We won't know if we travel 100% until Jim has the Visa in his hands and we are then able to go home, (Sunday is our flight right now).  Jhon is getting excited and asks several times per day when we are going.  The Embassy was not busy at all and moved our papers pretty quick.  There were a total of 3 families at the same time at the Embassy, they accidentally gave our papers to another family (which they would not know because the package was sealed and you are not to open it until you give it to Immigration in the US).  Well, thankfully someone figured out the mistake and the couple returned our papers and left with the correct ones.  Our friends from the US (Connecticut), who are here for their 2nd adoption, have had one issue after another this week.  Passport, Visa, Birth Certificate issues- at the passport office there was a misunderstanding and they canceled the dad's passport.  He would not be able to get back into the US.  Thankfully he was able to get an emergency passport today that will get him home.  We helped watch their 2 year old daughter, who is very sweet.  Watching Jim hold her in his arms on our taxi ride home only pulled at my heart strings for more children.  Jim has mentioned several times while being here "for our next adoption..."  Someone once said to us, "now your family is complete" Jim's response to that was "As long as there are kids out there that need a loving home, we will never be complete."  I am so blessed to have a man with such an amazing heart and can't wait to see where this journey takes us, God is in control and will guide us through life.  We are enjoying this time and are so excited to experience life with all of our children. 

We have the same size hands.

Just in case you travel to Bogota (not all parts in Colombia).  No toilet paper allowed in toilet.  Also, TP can be a luxury,  so if going out and around town, bring change with you as you have to pay for TP in a vending machine.  Toilet seats are also present in only about 30% of the places you go.

 Our hotel in Bogota, same one we stayed at last time.  Casa Lanthana. 

Meeting our son, Video

Our First Meeting Video


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MD office-check

Today was a successful day as we had Jhon's TB test read, (negative) and then went to the embassy doctor and had a small physical (ht, wt, general exam) as well as reviewing medical records and immunizations.  The immunizations were pretty much nonexistent, so he will be getting titers drawn when we return and then we will go from there.  We learned we will have our embassy appointment tomorrow at 2:00pm, which is great news!  We really need prayers tomorrow as we are still unsure if they can process the Visa and give it to us by friday.  (Which we need in order to travel on Sunday which is when our plane tickets are booked for).  If they cannot do it by Friday we will then have to stay the weekend and leave on Wednesday.  We appreciate your prayers and encouragement.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ID, Passport, and TB test: Check

Yesterday we had a successful day.  We first got Jhon's ID, which allowed us to get his passport, which then allowed us to get his TB test.  He did great and hardly flinched.  Our next step is tomorrow we go back to the doctor for the TB test reading.  We can hopefully then see the Embassy doctor for that appointment.  Please pray we get to see the doctor tomorrow which will allow us to have a Visa appt on Thursday, then Visa on Friday and home Sunday.  In order for one thing to happen, the other must happen first.  We are anxious to get home and pray everything will work accordingly to bring us home on Sunday.  We won't know for sure until each day passes and we receive more information.  Nothing like waiting on pins and needles each day.  Still learning patience and trust, an ongoing lesson in life.  I am thankful for my belief in God during these times and know we are in His plans and timing.  He has brought us on this journey and I am so thankful for each one of my children and feel so blessed to be their Mami. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bogota 2012

We arrived safely in Bogota yesterday evening.  Jhon did great on his first flight (and it is only a 30 min flight, but if you were to drive it would take 10hrs because of the mountains).  Bogota is at appx at 9,000 ft in elevation.  The air is a little thinner but nice and cool and clear.  It is going to be in the 60's all week.  Jhon is not use to the cold however, he will be bundled up a little more.  Our week is busy which will hopefully go by fast.  Tomorrow we get Jhon's ID (all kids over age 7 need one), then his passport, followed by the TB test in the afternoon.  We then have Tuesday off as we wait for the results of the TB test.  Wednesday is the doctor appt.  After which we can get Jhon's visa, the last piece to the puzzle.  We pray this will all be completed by Friday.  We can then fly home!  I was on the phone with Delta for over an hour last night and was able to switch our flight to Sunday.  (No flights available on Fri and full on Sat).  So best case scenario, we are will be home a week from today!  We pray all of our paperwork goes smoothly this week and we can keep the travel date set.  Important information to all out there who are going to be booking with Delta for adoption fare: it is great as you can switch your flights with no extra penalties and as many times as needed.  It is also much cheaper and worth it.  Only downsides are you sometimes have to talk with several people as they all don't know about this at Delta and try to add fees.  We were able to switch, no extra fees.  Now, if we cannot go home until mid next week then we will just change it again, hopefully with no problems :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bogota Here We Come!

What a blessing this week has been!  Thursday we received Sentencia one day after the judge reviewed our papers (unheard of!), then today we got Jhon's birth certificate in one day, which could have taken up to 2 days to get.  Introducing: Jhon Albert Matthews Rominski  (well that is what his birth certificate says because in Colombia they have 2 last names, the father's first, then the mothers).  When we readopt him in the US (something Colombia requires, he will then get a US birth certificate) his forever name will then be: Jhon Albert Santiago Matthews.  We added a new middle name to each of our children's name, one that is special that we picked out just for them.  We have both loved the named Santiago, the meaning is St James.  It is special to us because it is Jim's name (James) and he is now are oldest son, so very fitting.  We fly to Bogota at 4p tomorrow!!!  We are so excited to be on this final leg of our journey home.  We miss our family like crazy and cannot wait to see them again.  We appreciate all of your prayers during this time!  We hope the paperwork process goes fast in Bogota, we have several things to do there: ID, Passport for Jhon, Embassy Doctor with TB testing, Visa for Jhon and then home.  If there are no problems, the soonest we could be home is next Friday.  We pray we are only a week away!  Thank you for following in this journey and your prayers for our family.  We feel all of them, we serve a great God.  

 This playground is new as of last week at our hotel, was nice to have for Jhon, (would have been really nice to have our first go around :)
 Jhon and his amigos
 Papi sporting Jhon's goggles (gafas)
 In two weeks, Jhon went from never been swimming before in his life to jumping in the deep end and swimming!

 Jim and Paul, our amigo and brother in Christ in Cali

 Elana, Mel, Valentina, Our wonderful lawyer and interpreter, God bless them and what they do!


Thursday, June 21, 2012


Thank you all for your prayers, Jim just got back from Sentencia!  We are very excited we got this step so early!  This step means we have the judge's approval and signing off of the case.  Jhon is officially our son! The next step is waiting to get Jhon's birth certificate from his home city.  Tomorrow our lawyer is going to get the new certificate (they have to drive 3.5hrs one way to get it), it can take 1-2 days to get it.  If they get it tomorrow we can go to Bogota on Saturday.  Otherwise it will probably be Monday or Tuesday.  So our next prayer request is we get the birth certificate tomorrow and they do not have to wait until Monday to get it.  We also need his ID redone since he is over the age of 11.  Last year we did this step in Bogota.  To help us get to Bogota sooner we asked our in country rep if we can get the ID in Bogota and she said yes, otherwise this would take another day or so to complete in Cali.  We are ecstatic and cannot believe we already have Sentencia, we were planning on at least another 2 weeks in Cali, so truly a miracle.  We will know more tomorrow evening about the birth certificate and travel.


We just learned that Jim will be leaving here in 30min to go sign for our Sentencia!!!!  We will then hear the next steps involved and still hope to be on to Bogota this weekend.  Will update you with more information later this evening.  Thank you all for your prayers!

Cali, Colombia

During our 2nd trip to Cali we have been able to experience and enjoy the culture more.  (Probably has to do with having 1 child here verses 4).  For those traveling to Cali soon here are some tips that may be helpful.

Places to Stay

Hotel Pension Stein: we have stayed there 2 times now and have had great experiences both times.  Great food, 3 meals a day.  Excellent service.  The owner Enrique takes families on day trips several times a week that are at no extra charge.  He provides transportation for the outings as well.  Good internet service (sometimes can go in/out-certain spots you will find works best).  Other adoptive families stay here so it is a good connection with other people in the same process as you.  Clean, housekeeping daily. Laundry, you do pay for this service at the end with the bill (we did it once and it cost us $35 US), worth it, however.  You can request a room with AC, costs extra, but when you are from MN and it is 90 degrees everyday, so worth it.  Huge plus is the pool.  Although the pool is very cold, the kids don't seem to mind and it is a great time filler and energy depleting.  The kids sleep very well at night due to how much they play at the pool.  Beds are not extremely comfortable, but I am also comparing it to a tempur-pedic so that doesn't really count.  Close location to ICBF, maybe 10 min drive, and 10 min from shopping at Chipi Chape, walking distance to a higher end mall and movie theater.   The hotel also has a small playground as well, they just put it up this last week.  They also have 24hr security with a locked/gated entrance for safety.  On Sunday's they do not have lunch available, you can order Dominos Pizza (a little taste of home).
Here is their web address: http://www.hotelstein.com.co/

Since this is the only place we have stayed I cannot comment on other hotels in the area.  We stayed here with four young children (7,5,4,1) and our older son (11), and have had great experiences both times.  Another one I hear people stay at often is the Intercontinental Hotel: http://www.intercontinental.com/intercontinental/en/gb/locations/overview/cali

Places to go

The Zoo in Cali:  (Zoological de Cali)  This is a great morning or afternoon activity with kids.  It takes about 2hrs to go through depending how fast you go.  If staying at Pension Stein, it is one of the places you will go.  Here is the website: http://www.zoologicodecali.com.co/  Bring your camera and some cash for snacks, they have vendors throughout and the kids love getting treats there.  If it is during the school year, be prepared there are a lot of school groups there.  If not, the place is not very busy and you have most of it to yourselves.

Chipichape: Shopping mall in Cali with Exito (an expensive target/walmart store).  We ventured here about once a week.  Usually to stock up on snacks and supplies for the week.  It has rides for the kids which we did the first time around.  You have to check the hours for the rides, however, as it is not open when you would think it would be.  There is a food court and the shops are high-end.  There were a couple of Colombian Tourist spots in there as well.  There is a movie theater there too.  Most, if not all, kids movies are in Spanish with no subtitles.  You also have assigned seating that you pick when you buy your tickets.  http://www.chipichape.com/ (Some of the websites are only in Spanish).

Fruit Market:  This is another place that Enrique takes you on.  There are all different kind of fruit, meat, cheese, flower, ect vendors there.  You get to sample some of the unique Colombian fruits, all fresh and delicious.  The kids love it because it is a part of their culture.  There are over 7 different kind of plantains in Colombia as well.  At the end you enjoy a Colombia beverage, (beer, Colombiana, or pop).  There is a great Colombian boutique at the end that you can shop in to buy treasures for your home and keep the culture of Colombia present in your casa as well.  This link is not to the actual fruit market but to a fun site on the fruits of Colombia and importance in health: http://www.colombia.travel/en/international-tourist/sightseeing-what-to-do/recommended-tourist-attractions-special-reports/fruits-of-colombia

Water Park: (Aqua Parque de la Cana)  This is a fun water park in Cali, it has a wave pool, $8-$10 per person to get in.  (other costs: you have to pay for tables you want to sit at, tubes for the slides, and special larger water slides, food, arcade)  The wave pool and kiddie pool were free, there were several soccer fields to play at as well.  I couldn't find a website for them but if you google it there are some youtube videos of it.

What to Bring

For the kids:
(I cannot comment for those adopting under 15months), this is for children ages 1-11 from our experiences.

~Try to bring different size clothes for your kids as the clothes here are really expensive to purchase.  When you meet your kids they usually come with only the clothes on their backs and maybe one toy.  They like wearing sandals and those are light to pack.
~Estimating shoe size is very difficult as well.  With our 11 year old we brought size 3 and 4 shoes, with one pair of sandals.  He had new pair of shoes that fit him well with him.  The size 3 fit perfectly.  The size 4 were high-tops that were too big and he didn't care for them.  We had purchased them at a garage sale for very cheap and will not be bringing them home with us.  The first trip we had to purchase shoes here for 3 of our kids and spent nearly $40 per pair of shoes.
~5-7 tshirts for kids, 2 pair pants (one jean, one khaki) 4-5 shorts, socks, underwear, 2 sweatshirts (for Bogota)

~Bathing suits, swimming goggles, (no need for towels if at a hotel as they are provided)
None of our kids have ever been in a pool until we meet them, we did not bring any life jackets.  The bonding time was great in the pool as the kids latch on to you when swimming and love jumping into your arms.  (of course this requires you to get into the freezing pool, but so worth it!)
~We did bring arms floaties that we used with our 4 and 5 year old. 
~Beach Balls, great for the pool and easy to pack
~Sunscreen, 2 bottles, very expensive here (like $15 per bottle when you would normally pay $7 at home)

~Playdough packs, these were great, especially the 3-7 age range.  They pack flat and our kids had never seen playdough so they loved it, you might want to bring some playdough toys as well (to cut or help mold it)

~Drawing and art supplies, paper, crayons, markers. I recommend getting most of that in the US.  Exito has cheap paint that is fun to do, but other supplies you will pay about $1-$2 more for here.

~Card games: Uno, deck of cards, Skipbo, all of that is great for the older children

~Puzzles, you can buy some here but again, are more costly

~Books!!! These are a must, especially for your younger kids, it was our nightly routing and the kids loved it,  we brought all soft cover, Spanish children's books which we read to them.  By the end of our stay the kids had almost worn out some of the covers. 

~(warning- this is very fun, but messy!)  We bought a can of shaving cream (the non-scented kind) and put it on a table, the kids then could put their hands in it and draw pictures in it.  They loved it! (see pics from our blog from Nov 2010) It was very messy and everyone needed a shower afterwards, but was worth it.

~We purchased a soccer ball here for the kids to play with, they each got a souvenir ball to bring home with them as well.  If you have an older boy, you can almost guarantee soccer will be very important to him.

~We bought our 11 year old son a Nintendo DS for this birthday.  This has been great during down-times and boring business meetings he has had to sit through.  This will be a big help on the plane rides as well.

Other Important things to bring

~Bug spray, we had to apply almost everyday no matter where we were.  There are Colombian mosquitos that are worse than in the US.  You can't always see them and the bites swell and itch 10x worse than mosquito bites.  Bring some benadryl spray or itch relief cream, we used daily.

~Activities for yourself (Kindle, highly recommended so you dont have to lug books around), magazines.  There is some down time for yourself during your month long stay (or longer).  Most websites that rent movies do not work in South America.  However, Netflix does work , if you have a subscription for the web-streaming service.  Also, itunes rents out videos that can be viewed in South America, it only takes about 30 minutes to download.  

~Children Movies that are in Spanish, (If you are bringing a laptop) not all children's movies are in Spanish, so check before you buy them, it says on the back of the movie.  The kids like hearing their own language and enjoying the rest time of watching movies.

~An extra duffel bag to bring home gifts and treasures from Colombia.  We bought a brand new one from REI, so great for packing, and gives us an extra bag for space to bring home more things. A great gifts for friends is Colombia coffee.  We bought our girls several pieces of jewelry, some for now and some for when they turn 15 (Quinceanera).  (of course Jewelry for myself as well, they also have some great scarfs here) I also purchased some table runners, artwork, unique Colombian baskets for our home to help bring Colombia into our house.

~Backpack for your child/children.  This was what we used to put their gifts in when we first met them.  It was great because then they had something that was theirs to carry around with them and great for the plane.

~Camera and Video Camera!  I also love photography and took some pictures of Colombia that I will put around the house, I cant wait to blow-up one from the fruit market.

~****One of the best pieces of advice we got before traveling was give a friend/family member some money and have them print out pictures of your time in Colombia, then put those pictures up around the house before you get home.  We used Walgreens.com and sent to pictures to the walgreens in town and had our family pick them up.  The kids loved seeing themselves on the walls of their new home!

~As a nurse, there are some medications that I highly recommend.
Tylenol (acetaminophen) Adult and Child
Advil (ibuprofen, motrin) Adult and Child
There is nothing worse then if your child spikes a temp in the middle of the night and not having medication for them, especially being in a different country.  Know your child's wt, and majority of kids over 2 years old can take the chewable Tylenol and Advil.  Much easier to pack than the liquid kind.
Zofran: this is an antinausea prescription medication that you can ask your doctor for, great for when your stomach is not appreciating the new foods you are throwing at it.  See your prescription for further med info.
Benadryl: for allergic reactions, also helps with itching (those mosquito bites), this is also an anti-nausea med.  (warning: tends to make you either very tired or wired)
Of course ask your MD what they recommend, they might give you an antibiotic to take if needed.  Most MD's are very understanding knowing that you are going to be gone out of country for a long time.   And don't forget your first aid kit: bandaids, antiseptic, neosporin, ace bandage are the basics.

I have a contact person, a friend of ours, who is a taxi driver, as well as a Christian.  It is nice because he know English as well.  He has some good ideas of where to go and can take you around.  Just message me for his contact information.  He is a friend of mine on FB as well.  

I highly recommend using Delta's Adoption Fare for travel.  They give a discount to the child (about half off normal price) as well as discount for the parents.  You can change your flight as many times as needed with no fees.  The only downside is sometimes they only have one flight out during the day.  You have to talk to several people at Delta to get to someone who is familiar with the adoption fare.  When first booking make sure they put a remark on your account as well that they are no change fees and no difference is airfare fees.  We changed our flight, it took about 1hr on the phone, but no fees and we got on the next available flight. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayers for Sentencia

We heard great news today that we may get Sentencia tomorrow or friday!  This is truly a miracle as we were informed it would probably be more like 2 weeks from now!  What this means in the adoption world is after Sentencia (the court approval and Jhon is officially a Matthews), we then get Jhon's birth certificate and child ID, then we are able to travel to Bogota!!!  We could travel as soon as this weekend.  We appreciate your prayers that sentencia is tomorrow so the lawyer can go to his home town on Friday and we are in Bogota by this weekend.  Bogota is the home stretch and we are only there about 4-5 days then back to Estados Unidos.  We are elated and today has been a great day.  Tomorrow we wait for the news of court.  Sleep fast, dulces suenos.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Today we spent most of the day by the pool.  The weather still remains very hot down here and I am longing for those 70 degree temps I am seeing in MN, leave the storms however.  We learned from our interpreter that they were able to get his document today and will bring it to court tomorrow.  We are still looking at probably another 2 weeks in Cali and 5-7 day stay in Bogota.  I try to not look too far ahead as it can feel overwhelming.  I am so glad we can talk to my parents and the kids daily.  My head is doing much better.  Not too much other news to report.  An American family arrives tomorrow.  Jhon has been using English more and it always catches me off guard when he does, he is really trying to learn.  Some phrases he used today were: "I know", "I love you", "Hello, how are you, what is your name?" 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day Jim!
Lunch in the mountains
The hill was so steep you had to use a rope to help climb to the top

No diet coke here, just Coca-Cola light, Jim's favorite Colombiana
"The Lighthouse"

Today was a little bit of a rough day as I had a migraine from 5a-6p, made for a lot of rest for myself.  Important reminder to all, when going out of the country do not forget your migraine meds!  Made for a very long day but at least I am all better now.  Jim enjoyed the day with Jhon, swimming, futbol, and transportation museum.  Tomorrow our lawyer is making a trip to Jhon's home town (2hrs away) to get the document they need, pray everything goes accordingly with no problems, then court on wednesday.  We look forward to a webinar tomorrow that talks about adopting and helping siblings adjust to the change, sounds good and something we can learn from. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

     Today is rained for the first time since we have been here (14 days tomorrow).  It stopped by the afternoon and we were able to enjoy some time at a nature reserve place with a walking path.  There wasn't much to it, but was nice to get outside and have Jhon and his friends run some energy off.   He learned how to play Uno and is now his new favorite game.  Tomorrow we hope to go to a swimming pool like we did last Sunday.  Please keep praying for quick paperwork process.  The days are getting longer and we are missing everything about being home.  My highlight of today was being on Skype with the kids and playing hide and seek for over half an hour. 
    Happy Father's Day tomorrow to my amazing husband, you are a wonderful father!  You are an incredible father and are so devoted to loving our 5 children and showing them Christ's love.  Seeing you with our new son is incredible, speaking to him with love in his language and showing him love through your actions makes my heart melt.  God created you special and unlike anyone I know or will ever know.  We are so blessed to have you as the spiritual leader of our home.  7 years ago you asked me how would I feel if we adopted all of our children, I have been following your lead every step of the way and it is amazing to see where God has brought us!  Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father who is watching over and loving my four ninos at home.  You have uprooted yourselves so unselfishly to care for and love your grandchildren while we are away.  I can never express enough how much it means to me what you are doing for our family.  We pray for strength and energy as you continue on this journey the next several weeks with them.  You are an amazing father and continue to show me Christ's love now as you did when I was a child.  You taught me how to ride my bike, to drive a car, to forgive and be forgiven.  You taught me how to play soccer which is a skill I am using daily in Colombia to bond with my new son.  You taught me the importance of finding a loving, Christian man as my husband, in which I am still madly in love with 11 years later.  And most importantly, you taught me how to trust in God through all things.  I love you and miss you.  Happy Father's Day!

My new favorite pic, Jhon just happened to turn his head toward me at the right moment.

 Jhon and his amigos, he plays with every day


 Nature Reserve

There was a wedding going on at the reserve, here the plates are lined with I believe a banana leaf before they put the food on top.

Friday, June 15, 2012

     We heard again from our lawyer and translator tonight.  They did not receive the document needed so they will have to travel to Jhon's hometown on Tuesday, since monday is a holiday.  We should hear more later next week about how the process is going.  A little frustrating news but at least they are communicating well with us.  I love watching Jhon interact with other kids and have enjoyed getting to know him. 
     Yesterday, we were all getting ready for bed and I was brushing my teeth and talking to God, I specifically thanked Him for the bonding that has happened, especially with Jhon and Jim.  I also asked Him to give me opportunities to get to know Jhon better.  I then walked over to Jhon's bed to tuck him in for the night.  I noticed he was praying, he then poured out his heart to me more than he ever has.  I learned so much in the 2hr conversation we had about him and his siblings.  What a blessing and I treasure that time we had.  When you ask God for things, be ready because He delivers, and in this case, immediately. 
     I have enjoyed noticing differences and similarities between him and his siblings.  A couple things that are similar in facial features are, same long eyelashes as his siblings, similar ears as Estefania and Prospero.  He loves to wear his sandals with his toes hanging off the end, which is what both Jesus and Prospero do, they can't seem to wear them right.  He does flips like Jesus and Prospero as well.  Some of Jhon's likes, besides futbol and swimming, are wrestling with Papa, Karate, puzzles (he has completed 3 so far), drawing, and really interested in learning English.
    We continue to Skype daily with our kids at home and it has been great seeing them.  We are coming up on the 2 week mark, we miss them so much and keep praying for a fast process to get home to them.  They are enjoying their time with Abuelo, Abuela, Grandma M., and now Tia Jan is in town for the weekend.  We tried sending them postcards but learned that would take 3-6 months via regular Colombian mail, and if we used a private carrier it would be $25 per postcard.  The meals have been great, some traditional Colombian meals and some meals like Spaghetti and Meatloaf as well.  This weekend will be pretty busy with daily outings with the other hotel guests.  There are couples here from Spain, Australia, and Italy.  I believe we are headed to a park, swimming pool, and transportation museum.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We were informed yesterday that we are in a good court and one of the faster ones, Yes!  We still won't know travel dates for at least another week or two.  They need one more document of Jhon's that is still in his birth city (2hrs away).  They will either have to drive to get it, not the best option for our lawyer, or wait for it to come by mail.  We should know more about this missing document on monday or tuesday (as monday is a holiday).  Please pray they get the document in the mail tomorrow so they dont have to make a trip to Sevilla to get it.  Today we went to the mall and saw Madagascar in the theater (in Spanish with no subtitles of course).  We actually followed along pretty well and it was a funny movie.  It was Jhon's first time in a theater and he loved it.  They have assigned seating, we were all the way in the back row with only four people in front of us.  The rest of the theater was empty.  Last night Jhon lost a tooth (one of his molars).  In Colombia they have a tooth rat (raton) instead of a tooth fairy that comes at night and leaves money for the kids.  We, of course, had Jhon put the tooth under his pillow, which he really did not want to do and thought we were crazy.  He was, however, very pleased to find $7,000 pesos under his bed.  (That is about $3.50 in US).  And I heard him checking twice during the night to see if his tooth was still there.  In the morning he said "I know you did it" but didnt complain about getting the money. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 Today was a visit to the zoo, Jhon loved seeing all the animals, the monkey and lions were his favorite.  These monkeys kept hitting the glass and jumping at Jhon.  We are still waiting to hear the court we are in and hope to hear something tonight.

 Love this pic, he is still young enough to enjoy jumping on the lily pads (we have pics of his siblings doing this as well).

 This river was way down compared to last time we were here.  We heard it hadnt rained in almost 2 months.

 Jhon was too cool to climb this, or maybe it was because Papa was yelling from the top of it.

 Here the lion is roaring, it was very loud and cool to listen to.

 Like father, Like son