Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Derly Daly 9 years old

 Estefania Elizabeth 7 years old

 Jesus Ryan 5 years old

Prospero Noah 2 years old

 Prospero's first time on a horse, He loved it and not a scared bone in his body.

These baby birds were in a tree in our front yard, was fun to watch them grow and then leave the nest.

 Mami y Papi, un poquito locos

 Derly enjoying campfire donuts, delicioso!

Jesus is climbing high on the climbing wall at Camp, he was spider man!

 Jesus' preschool graduation!  So proud of my preschool grad!

We are getting close to leaving and we are so excited!  The kids are excited to have Abuela and Abuelo join them for the month.  We have been so blessed this last month as we prepare to go.  We had a family retreat at the beginning of the month for youth pastors and their family's.  It was a great time for all of us as we enjoyed time together.  Our suburban broke down with Jim and the kids about 30min away, thankfully our friend Gary was to pick everyone up as I was at work.  It was fixable and we are up and running again.  We are so thankful to all of our friends at church who are supporting us through prayers and meals while we are gone. The kids are doing well processing us being gone and are excited to see Jhon.  We have been preparing the kids for the time as well, they will each be getting a gift a week while we are gone, several letters to each child a week, as well as, a photo album they can keep with them.  Hallmark has recordable books to read as well that we each bought for the kids.  I will miss kissing their sweet faces everyday and embracing them with the warmth of a hug.  (Thankfully, they will be getting plenty of those from Abuela y Abuelo).  I look forward to spending quality time with my new son, getting to know his likes and passions in life (of which futbol I am sure is one of them).  I have many books on my kindle to read and plan to journal a lot during my quiet time.  We are thankful for technology and the gift of skype that we will use often.  We have been practicing our Spanish more.  Besides spending as much time as we can with our children and enjoying the sweet day-to-day moments in life, this next week we will be getting our Visas for travel and finish packing and I know will fly by. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Travel Date - June 3rd

We have an official travel date of June 3rd. We are meeting Jhon on June 5th and he will be with us the remainder of our time in Colombia. We are excited as this is only 2.5 weeks away! Our hearts are sad we wont be there for his birthday (May 30th), but we plan on celebrating with him while we are there and also having cake here on his special day. Thank you to all who are willing to help us while we are gone. The 4 week stay looks to be turning in to more of a 5-6 week stay, which we wont know until we are in the midst of it all.  The next several weeks involve spending quality time with the kids, packing, traveling to Chicago to get our Visas, getting my parents up here from KY to help with the four kids while we are bringing Jhon home.  I am so thankful my parents are able and willing to do this, what a blessing. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Thanks to all of you who came to pizza ranch night, and to those who were unable to make it and still donated!  We are getting closer to our financial goal and I have been very humbled and blessed to see how God has provided the funds to make this dream a reality.  We have received numerous donations through family, friends, coworkers, through grants: Show Hope, Lifesong and Gift of Adoption, our fundraisers: Silent Auction, 2 Pizza Ranch Nights, and Perkins.  The expense is appx 30,000 and we have been blessed to see that money come in and be provided to make this happen in an 8 month time frame.  Truly a miracle and through His Devine plan and purpose!  Thank you, Gracias!  We are getting even that much closer to meeting our son.  We heard last night that the embassy contacted our in country rep and she should have our papers soon, she then contacts the liaison in Cali, Colombia to set up our date for meeting Jhon and travel.  Please continue to pray for the date as we anxiously wait to hear.  I am spending these last several weeks enjoying time with family and spending as much time with them as I can before going.  I know the joy of meeting Jhon and having a new son is going to be amazing!  I am also realistic in knowing that being away from my four children whom I have been with every night and day for the last year and a half is going to be hard.  Thank goodness for my parents being able to come here and are willing to step into our shoes for that month and for great family and friends who will help with meals and prayer support while we are gone.  I am also thankful for Skype and being able to communicate with them via video.  I cannot wait for the first time they get to see their brother!  One question we get asked a lot is do they know him and the answer is yes, they lived with him in Colombia, it has probably been about 2.5 years since they have seen him.  We have been getting birthday gifts ready for him to bring down and the kids are all excited about that.  Once we know our travel date the time will fly, we have to buy airfare, reserve our residence in Cali and Bogota, pack (seems odd packing for only 3 instead of 6), and make a trip to Chicago to get our Visas.  What an exciting journey this next month is going to be!  I am so thankful for all your support and love!