Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life is Beautiful

We have mailed all of our documents to USCIS (US government) for another round of approvals and paper checks.  They then mail the papers to the National Visa Center.  From there we hope to receive word on possible travel date.  I assume we will hear a travel date come late April with hopes to travel mid to end of May.  We were able to get a care package together for Jhon and mailed that to our agency this last week.  The kids had a blast writing him letters in Spanish, picking out toys and candy.  I made a 5x7 photo album of the family and words of encouragement, such as "We will be there soon, we love you, you are our son" It all had to be in Spanish so his foster parents can read it to him.  He will only speak Spanish, so we are refreshing our Spanish at the Matthews house.  We often have quizzes to see who knows the most and sometimes do Spanish speaking only nights at our house.  The girls still understand almost all of what we are saying in Spanish, Jesus is about 50/50, and Prospero just looks at us like, "Huh?".  Funny enough, Prospero will say occasional words in Spanish (entonces-and then, terminado-all done, mucho-a lot), and he uses them appropriately, it has been fun hearing him use both.  We have seen God's blessing pour down like rain on us over this last month, from the silent auction, to being approved for several adoption grants, He is the one orchestrating all of this so we can be with our son.
 As I have looked back on my life I have come to appreciate how all of this is coming together for His purpose.  My oldest sister was adopted, through that decision my parents made 33 years ago, it helped place that desire in my heart to adopt my children.  Our family was very much into soccer growing up, traveling, tournaments, you name it, all 5 kids in my family played at some point in life.  Jim and I met because we were both playing soccer for Grace College in IN.  Now, my oldest son has a strong passion for the sport and we will both be able to bond with him over that.  Jim and I were married for almost 10 years before having kids, during those ten years, all of our children were being brought into this world, and I am so thankful to their birth mother and father for that!  God has His plans for our lives, in His perfect timing.  I am humbled to be apart of His ultimate plan.  I pray my children will know the power of God and His unending, unconditional love, which is by far the most important love of all.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Partnering with Lifesong!

We are getting close! How can you help?  We are partnering with Lifesong for Orphans to raise funds for our adoption.  Here is how it works if you donate:

1. 100% of funds goes towards us
2. Lifesong DOUBLES your donation (up to $2,500 total, we only need $1,000 more)!
3. You get a taxable receipt
4. Your donation helps bring our son home

All donations are due by MARCH 31st
Checks made payable to Lifesong for Orphans, in Memo line: 2527

Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL

We need $1,000 more to reach lifesong's goal.  So, if we raise $2500 they will match the $2500!!!

Thanks for your help, any little bit helps!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We have received our official referral for Jhon on March 9th!  What a blessing, the official referral was actually on 2/28, where Colombia reviews your files and makes it official. So what does this all mean?  Travel Date: hopefully 10-12 weeks from now!  That is the average timeframe we were given.  This means we could go before his birthday!!! (May 30th).  We are so excited to see him and have him be apart of the Matthews family.  We are doing more paperwork, only about 20 pages this time, which then gets sent to the US government for reviewal and approval and then we talk to Colombia again about travel date.  We were excited to hear that we can now send Jhon a care package in hopes that he will receive it.  We have been shopping for the right gift from each child to give to him, along with candy, letters, and plenty of pictures.  Thank you for your prayers and support and we look forward to updating you with more information about our journey to Jhon.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Journey

What a blessing!

Thank you so much to all who helped and attended the silent auction and spaghetti dinner last weekend!!! What a blessing, we had over 100 items to bid on, over 250 people attend and received such love and support from you all.  God had blessed us with amazing family and friends.  We heard that our first round of paperwork approval has been completed!  Our paperwork was in Bogota and is now in Cali for another round of approvals.  The next step is waiting to hear from Colombia for the official referral and then hopefully we will know our travel date. 

 The centerpieces, thanks to all who helped!
 A pizza break as we set up the night before

 Jesus and Abuelo
 Giving a thank you and update about Jhon
 Me and Meghann (my close friend and a huge help in making this night happen!)
 Abuela and Prospero
 Estefania's teacher came to support us, she was thrilled to have her there!!!
My dad, Abuelo, won this bike to give to Jhon, he is going to Love it!