Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Monday, February 13, 2012

Help Bring Jhon Home!

Help Bring Jhon Home!  Silent Auction and Spaghetti Dinner is March 3rd, 5p-8p at the Buffalo Evangelical Free Church.  Tickets are $7 individual and $20 for Family, tickets may be purchased at the door. 

Our Journey

For those of you who are just beginning to follow our journey here is how we came to be a forever family:  Jim and I meet in 1998, married in 2000, started on the newlywed journey and had the discussion of children.  We knew adoption was always apart of the plan God had for us.  In 2005 Jim asked me, "How do you feel about adopting all of our children?"  After spending time in prayer about it, I also knew this was God's plan for us.  We began the adoption process and waited for four years before traveling to Colombia to bring home our children.  During those years the wait seemed unbearable at times.  Looking back I can only be thankful for the years we waited as it allowed all of our children to be born so that they could all stay together and we could be their parents.  We strongly believe in keeping siblings together.  We came home to be a forever family on December 2010.  About 6 months later we heard from our agency that Colombia contacted them to inform us that our children have an older brother.  Introducing Jhon Albert, age 10.  They wanted to know would we adopt him. The decision was a quick and unanimous yes!  We have spent the last four months gathering paperwork and updating our dossier to be sent down to Colombia for official approval.  We had to do ALL the paperwork over again, the positive is we had just done this a year ago, so we were pro's.  (not exactly, but we knew what to expect).  So, what does that mean, what is next?  Our paperwork is in Colombia for translation, then approval, then assignment.  We will travel 3 months from assignment.  We are praying May/June.  Please join with us in that prayer.  We know that God's timing is always perfect.  We would love to be with Jhon for his 11th birthday on May 30th.  He is currently in a foster home while he waits to be joined with us.  How can you help?  We need support with prayer for his safety and patience as he waits for us, prayer for finances to be provided to make this trip possible.  We need donations for our silent auction we are having March 3rd.  Please contact Mel with any questions.  We have been blessed with amazing children, family, and friends.  Thank you all for taking the time to get to know us!