Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Sunday, November 27, 2011

So much to be Thankful For

 Happy Thanksgiving!  The Matthews family enjoyed their first thanksgiving in the United States together.  We were joined by Jim's mom, Grandma Matthews.  The kids loved helping cook and we were all so stuffed with good food!  My list seems endless if I count my blessings from this last year.  I am so thankful to my Savior Jesus Christ for all He has done for me.  Without Him in my life, I would not know hope, faith and love.  I am so thankful for my husband, you are the love of my life, mi amor, mi corazon.  You are an amazing man, so patient and loving to our family.  You always put family first and encourage us in our lives.  Jim, you bring such joy and laughter to our home. I am so thankful for Derly, you are very beautiful and smart.  You are very helpful and you have a heart of gold.  I am so thankful for Estefania, you are muy bonita and very caring.  You work so hard at school and are very smart.  I am so thankful for Jesus, you are very sweet, I love your big brown eyes and sweet dimple smile.  Jesus, you are always making people laugh and you have a very loving heart.  I am so thankful for Prospero, you are very cute and sweet.  You are turning into a little boy right before our eyes, you are helpful and love to read books.  I am so thankful for Jhon, I am so excited to be your Mami, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you.  I think about you everyday and pray for you every night.  My heart is so full with joy, love and gratitude for my God, my family and my life. 

Derly cooking maduro's (plantains) her favorite Colombian dish

 We used a Colombian runner and decor to garnish the table for Thanksgiving
 Everyone put together items on a paper to show what they were thankful for, some items included family, food, singing, laughing

Pickin out the Christmas Tree at Jan's Tree Farm 

The perfect tree, great pick E

 Estefania got to pick out the tree this year!

Forgot to put Halloween pics up :)  Estefania as Barbie Princess
 Jesus as Winnie the Pooh (or as he says "Mickey Mouse")
Prospero as a bumblebee
and Derly as Snow White
Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our First Year!

Tomorrow, November 2nd 2011, marks our first year as a family!  I cannot believe how fast time has flown by.  What a blessing it has been for all of us.  I have learned so much about life, love, and God through the eyes of my children.  I cannot express merely in words about the love, peace and joy in my heart.  God is so good and has been evident through this journey.  We have appreciated all your love and support and have felt your prayers this past year.  We have been blessed with our four children and cannot wait to bring home their brother Jhon in the upcoming year.   They have been such a blessing and joy in our lives.  The kids were dedicated on Sunday (Oct 30th).  What a blessing it was, Abuela, Abuelo, Tia Melissa were able to drive up from KY to join us in this celebration.   Here is a video from our highlights from last year.  (from birthdays to vacations to finding out about their brother Jhon).