Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long time no blog

Hello All, long time no blog.  Hope you are all having a great summer; the Matthews Family has been enjoying our time together.   The girls love being off of school, they each have some summer school but is it sporadic.  We took a trip to Brainerd and Duluth in the middle of June (those pics later, so many pics so little time.)    Jim ran a marathon in Duluth and did great!  He is planning another one in October.  The kids are loving riding their bikes and playing outside.  Mel has had 2 wedding photo shoots thus far this summer, I'll post those pics later too.  Jim has two mission trips coming up this summer (Duluth and Chicago) plus still has seminary this summer.  Derly has really taken a love for drawing, see pics below. Estefania has been dancing up a storm and loves music.  Jesus finished his first semester at preschool, he  loved it and literally asks daily when he goes back.  Prospero turns 2 next month and is very active, keeping us all on our toes :)

Jesus loves making funny faces, he loves making people laugh

Estefania loves posing for the camera

Our new artist of the group, Derly did this self portrait in school this year, She just finished with the first grade.  Amazing!

Here is another drawing Derly did before bed one night,  she and Estefania love to draw and color every night.

Prospero Noah, 23 months

Ice cream has been a staple these hot summer days

Our friends' yellow lab had puppies, here we were visiting the pups, only 3 days old!

Prospero loved them, until he literally tossed one back into the pile, oops, the pup was ok thankfully

The blonde in the group, Annika

Mowing the lawn for the first time, they all wanted to help.  They actually stayed with Jim the whole time too!

Jesus graduated his first year at preschool, so cute!  He will go to the same preschool, Noah's Ark, next year too.

Estefania and Addison, a good friend of ours

Prospero and Zoe, his little friend

Tia Jan came in for a visit!

Derly and Estefania learned to blow her first bubble