Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011!

What a beautiful day!  Our kids first Easter was great.  It was so precious to hear them talk about the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate.  The kids really touched my heart this weekend when they started singing "Thank-you Jesus, Thank-you Lord" in their own tune.  I asked Jim if this was a new song he taught them and he said, nope they made it up on their own.  My biggest prayer for my kids is they will come to know Jesus as their Savior and Easter is the best reminder to reflect on what He went through for us.  We enjoyed a dinner made by Grandma Matthews and then spent a long time playing at the park.  I was suppose to work the 11a-11p shift that day and was able get off 4hrs in the middle of my shift to spend time with the family and enjoy a meal together, what a blessing.  Thank you cousin Lauren for the dresses, the girls loved wearing them all day.  

Derly's 8!

Happy Spring! Derly turned 8 on April 16th.  She had a great day! We went to breakfast just her, Mami and Papi.  She doesnt get a lot of alone time with just us to it was very special.  We went to a carnival at a school where they enjoyed playing games, face painting and getting their hair done.  Derly choose pink in her hair and said when she turns 15 that she wants real pink hair, not just fake pink hair.  Derly and Mami went to see the movie Rio in the theaters.  We loved having that time together.  I am blessed to be her Mami and look forward to many more birthdays together.  Thank you to all who called, she loved hearing from all of you and was surprised at how many calls she got!

Breakfast with Mami and Papi, Derly got all dressed up, check out her lipstick!

Barbie cake made by my good friend Dani

Derly Dancing with the cake 

One of her favorite gifts, a snuggly blanket from Mami and Papi

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weather Report and more pics :)

We had a picnic at the park with kids earlier this week as the weather is warming up these days!  The kids love being outside again and are happy for no more snow!  As you can see in the first pic the lake is still frozen but is slowly thawing.  Every year the town of Buffalo puts a car on the ice and people bet on when it will sink, it went under earlier this week and the kids were very confused as to why the car was not there anymore.  

Jesus started preschool this week, I cant believe we now have 3 kids in school!  He loved it and carries his own flash cards with important words and pictures on them (like food, drink, bandaid for pain and of course bano -or bathroom).  Thanks again for the idea Tia Melissa.  I did well dropping him off until I got back in the car and then got misty eyed.  What was the first question Jesus asked me when we got in the car?- "Cuando yo en escuala tu es triste?" (Did you cry when I went to school).  After I told him yes, just a little bit, he added that he did not cry.  The teacher called him Jesus and he corrected her the whole day and said, "No it is Jesus Ryan" so we are doing our best to call him by both names per his request.  

Jim got to go on a special day with Derly last weekend.  They went to the Twins opener and had a great time.  She didnt want to stand for the National anthem and wasnt sure why everyone was standing, so Jim held her.  She got a little startled when the crowd would yell and not understand why.  She loved taking pictures of herself, Papi and the random people next to her and behind her with Jim's cell phone camera.  They had a great time, just the 2 of them.  Derly turns 8 on saturday and cant wait for her special day.

Twins Opener, Papi and Derly

First day of preschool!

Everyone wanted a pic with Snickers :)