Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It has been awhile since a post, the Matthews Family are doing great, Estefania had her 6th Birthday on Friday!  We enjoyed some delicious cake, she got to pick dinner for the night (mac n cheese with tuna), and then presents.  Here are some of the latest pics from the last couple of weeks.

The kids playing dress up, they then all wrestled with each other in their wrestling outfits, of course followed by dancing

Prospero Noah helping with cupcakes for Estefania's class party for her birthday

A gift from Erin, Madison and Charlotte

Cupcakes for her kindergarten class

Awesome Birthday cake from Dani Eiklenborg, Delicioso!

Surprised by a Bike for her Birthday!

Taking the bike for a spin after Papi put it together, first time on a bike she did great!

The kids all playing in Papi's coat

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun Week

Papi and Jesus Ryan reading together, Jim is studying for school and Jesus Ryan is reading the Bible, can never start too early :)

This is Prospero Noah's favorite sleeping position

The kids playing horse (caballo) with the broom as Snickers looks on at them confused

They learned to Limbo in school this week

Estefania lost her first tooth this week!

Derly lost her top tooth the day before Estefania, the tooth fairy was busy this week at the Matthews home :0

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day of School

First day of school went great for the girls.  They were so excited and were very talkative when they came home. They talked about new friends that they met and the art projects that they did.  Jim drove them to school which was a good thing because as I was saying my good-byes and have a good day I started tearing up.  I was doing fine and then thought of my little girls in that big school and my emotions started.  The good things is I was able to hold it in so as not to concern the girls.  Jim said the girls weren't nervous at all going to their class and were so excited they almost forgot to say good-bye.  Jim was able to talk with ELL teacher who also said they did very well and were ready to go home when school was over.  The boys enjoyed Mami time today.  We played with some new christmas gifts, they loved the aquadoodle, and then we took a trip to Mcdonalds and Target.  

Tia Meg called before school to wish the girls good luck on their first day, they were very excited to talk to her.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011 has already begun and the year has started off great!  The girls start school tomorrow, they are very excited and ready to go.  They visited their school last month and met some of their classmates as well as their teachers.  Estefania will be in kindergarten and Derly is in 1st grade.  They each have a girl in their class that is fluent in Spanish and I am sure will become fast friends with these girls.  We attended church together for the first time as a family this morning.  It was great to see familiar faces and to catch up with some of my high school students!  The kids did great and even tried their best to sing along with the songs.  Thank goodness for nursery workers, Prospero Noah did great in the nursery and given how active he is would not have done well in the service.  The girls let me cut their hair today!  It was soo long, I probably took a good 5 inches off.  I am going to need a refresher from the professional, my sister Erin.  It wasn't as straight as I would like it, oops.  Jim started work today, good to start getting into the swing of things but hard as well.  I don't have to go to work until January 14th, so I will enjoy these last 2 weeks off with the kids.  Jesus Ryan has a dermatologist appt on thursday for a mole on his foot, probably nothing but our doc still wants him checked out.  

The kids watching their Papi set off fireworks on New Years Eve.

Jesus Ryan loves this dip, (thanks for the recipe Aunt Peggy)

Even Prospero Noah wanted his hair trimmed.

The after pics

Jesus Ryan's Turn in the seat

The girls first play date with their new friend Abby

I turned by back for one minute and he took a small stool and climbed up on the coffee table!

Dancing to Colombian tunes in the kitchen