Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bienvenidos a Colombia!

We arrived in Cali, Colombia tonight around 9pm. We started our journey this morning with a 3a trip to Chicago O'hare airport. We flew to Miami (2.5hrs), had a 6hr layover and enjoyed the Atlantic ocean, I love the ocean, gotta enjoy it while you can, the water was very warm too!. Plane rides went great, no complications, watched a movie from Miami to Cali (3.5hr trip). Cali airport was very busy and not knowing Spanish that well came into play, but we made it through customs, thankfully none of our bags had to be searched. The hotel we are staying at is about 30min from the airport. We had dinner around 9pm, not too out of the norm down here and off to bed by 11p. Trying to train my self for early mornings and early nights. Tomorrow we relax, check out the hotel more, cant see too much at night. We also have to move rooms, for tonight Jim and I are in one room and my mom is downstairs in her own room. The hotel is so full they have to rearrange rooms to accomodate our large family, so pray that all goes well tomorrow. Buenas Noches! ~Mel

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Truck is Packed

We are off to Chicago by 6pm Friday! Pray for safe travel and health for us. We leave for Colombia on Sunday am (540a flight!) I have one more shift left at the hospital and Jim is tying up loose ends at church and with his seminary. We are beyond excited and cant wait until we see our children's little faces! We will update as much as we can, depending on internet service where we will be. Thank you for following us in our journey to become a family.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Children

We have 10 days before we leave and are feeling pretty good, have most bags packed and are reaching the 50lb weight limit for each bag! We thought we would introduce our children to you all:
Derly Daly 7
Estefania Elizabeth 5
Jesus Ryan 4
Prospero Noah 1
We are so excited to meet them!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Amazing Fundraiser

We just had our spaghetti dinner and silent auction tonight! Amazing time, there were about 150 people there. We felt such love and support from family and friends. God was amazing and provided more than I could have imagined! We are so thankful to all those who have helped put this on, could not have done it alone! We received over 70 items to auction off and were very blessed with everyone who came and helped. There was an amazing video put on by our good friend Kizzo with heart felt wishes and encouragement from members of our church, co-workers, friends and youth group. I'll have to post it sometime if I can. We played a game of who knew more Spanish, Jim or I. I won but as Jim would try telling you he "let" me win. My friend Dani made an amazing cake and decorated the cookies as well. I have never gotten emotional over a cake, but this one brought tears to my eyes, wow, what a month! We leave 2 weeks from Sunday and cant wait. The time has already flown by. Jim and I are enjoying our time together, we like to go to Perkins at midnight, something we wont be able to do shortly. I spent close to 6 hours packing for the kids! We have received some many donations and clothing it is great!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words! It is official, we booked our airfare and travel on Halloween! My mom is coming with for 2 weeks and then will switch places with Melissa, my sister. So much too do, so little time, the kids rooms are all set, and we have been getting a lot of clothes donations! I have been doing so much laundry already, I guess it is just preparing me for what is ahead. Jim and I are trying to not get too stress with to-do lists and enjoy this season in our lives. We went pumpkin picking today and got one lil pumpkin for each child. Jim is running a marathon in Chicago on sunday and hopes to get our Visas while in town as well. We have a Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction next Friday and I am fortunate to have 2 showers for the kids next week as well. We had another meeting with our adoption counselor to discuss specifics this week and have a dinner tonight with some friends of ours from St Paul who adopted 4 from Colombia this past spring.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Travel Date

We are hoping to buy our tickets this next week, we leave on October 31st and will meet our kids on Nov 2nd! We go to chicago this month to get our visa's. We are having a spaghetti dinner and silent auction Oct 15th at BEFC for those interested. We feel very blessed with all the help we have gotten with this. We are also blessed to have Mel's mom and sister, Melissa, coming to Colombia with us! They will each be there for 2 weeks helping with our family and giving us support.