Mi Hijos

Mi Hijos

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feliz Navidad 2010

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad 2010!  It was the kids first Christmas in the United States and our first Christmas as a family.  We enjoyed times with friends and family in IL.  The kids had a great time seeing their Abuelo, Abuela, many Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  Jim's mom went down to IL with us as well which was nice having her celebrate with us as well.  The kids did well in the 8 hour car ride.  We kept with Colombian tradition and set off fireworks on Christmas Eve and Day.  

First time meeting their Tia Meg

They loved playing the piano and singing

Spending time with Tia Jan

Christmas Carols with Abuela

Opening gifts

New PJ's, Abuelo just had bilateral knee replacements a week before Christmas, we were glad he was home for Christmas!

Sticking with Colombian tradition and setting off Fireworks for Feliz Navidad.  Thankfully the neighbors didnt mind either.  All the cousins enjoyed the sparklers.

The boys wrestling on Christmas morning

Grandma Matthews with the kids

Meg and Alex reading the Christmas story, Meg read in English and then Alex read in Spanish.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have been staying busy and enjoying our time at home together.  Mel is feeling better than she was earlier this week, still needs to rest but can actually talk in full sentences without coughing.  The kids are staying healthy as well.  Jim has enjoyed taking them sledding several times this last week.  We enjoyed going to a live nativity tonight, the kids loved seeing the animals.  They have enjoyed getting to know Grandma Matthews and have been baking a lot with her.  We meet with the girls' school on monday to discuss the girls going to school in January, they are ready and look forward to that.  Jesus Ryan has enjoyed playing with Snickers and Prospero Noah has been showing interest in potty training.  Hard to believe Christmas is one week away!

Papi and kids kickin back watching "The Santa Clause" in Espanol. (Snickers took his place on the couch as well)

Grandma Matthews enjoying getting to know her new grandkids.

Derly is very artistic and loves writing names all by herself.

Ryan sleeping with his 3 favorite stuffed animals, so cute

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Quick post tonight: Family has been busy these last couple of days, please pray for Melanie as she has pneumonia, started on antibiotics yesterday.  Noah is now on antibiotics for his diarrhea as well.  Im keeping pretty busy watching the kids and taking care of Mel.  If you would like to help please contact Cathie Matthews for meals, any help is appreciated, thanks in advance- Jim

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Abundant Showers

We woke up this am with blizzard like conditions here in Buffalo, somewhere around a foot of snow has fallen outside!  The kids loved watching it come down and had no desire to go outside.  While we had snow showers in MN, there was another kind of shower in Chicago for us.  My sister Melissa is the assistant manager of a resale store and the ladies who work and volunteer at the store threw a shower for the Matthews family.  We got to participate in some of the shower via skype which was a real blessing.  (You gotta love technology today).  What a blessing for our family, we are so thankful to everyone who helped through the shower and for those who came.  We know you have been with us in this journey and have been praying for us along the way.  We will bring the kids by the store when we are in town at Christmas.

A high of 2 degrees tomorrow, another inside kinda day for the Matthews family.  The kids are staying healthy, Mami and Papi are feeling a little under the weather so pray for quick healing from colds and coughs.  Noah's doctor appointment went well, took some blood work (with normal results), he actually did better than I thought he would.  No appointment needed for Estefania, her skin is clearing up nicely with Aquaphor (thanks Erin for the tip).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We have officially been in the states now for a week!  The girls discovered my wedding dress and we had fun playing dress up, so precious to see the girls in my dress and they were both excited to show Papi how they looked.  Dinner that night included chocolate pudding which they loved giving chocolate kisses to Papi and Noah (see pics below).  We have a doctors appt tomorrow for Noah and Estefania.  It has been a blessing receiving meals from church friends and family which has helped us out a lot. Jim's mom has also been enjoying getting to know her new grandchildren and helping out with laundry and dishes.  We also enjoyed sledding with the older kids today, pics of those tomorrow.  The kids loved it, their poor little Colombian faces though, each kid has chapped cheeks because of the cold, and that is with scarfs.  Their faces have never been exposed to such cold, even though it was a high of 30 today.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Picking out our first Christmas Tree

The girls braved the cold, a high of 12 today

Noah did not like it so much

Derly got to pick the tree this year

Estefania loves throwing snowball at everyone

Ryan braved the cold long enough for the photo, but that was about it

Decorating the tree, Noah loved taking off all the ornaments his siblings put on

Estefania decorating herself

Da Bears

The girls loved putting the decorations on themselves

Derly got to put the topper on the tree this year